Microsoft, Browns (Pharma) Ltd and Unibet emerge as top employers

Monday, 23 May 2016

Best Employers 2015

Microsoft, Browns (Pharma) Ltd. and Unibet emerged as the best employers in their respective categories from research conducted on employee engagement by Business Leaders Malta for the year 2015.

The Business Leaders (Malta) Employee Voice is based on a scientific research study focusing on seven domains that are of immediate interest to both the employee and the employer.  The study aims to unveil how human resources, policies and strategies are perceived by employees. This product is designed to identify the factors that employees are happy with and thus motivated by and which aspects of their work environment they would like to see improved in order to reach their full potential. Information gathered from this survey is used to strengthen employee loyalty and drive more productive employees.  By answering issue-specific questions in various categories, staff members rate their employer on Leadership Effectiveness, Communication and Team Cohesiveness, Training and Development, Reward and Recognition, Corporate Culture, Performance Orientation, and Employee Wellbeing.

The awards were presented during Business Leaders’ HR Spring Event on Wednesday 11th May.

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