Our hallmark event.


Our story

In 2009 we toyed with what seemed a fairly modest but fun idea. Mdina International, Jugs Malta and KONNEKT pooled their connections, and invitations were dispatched to a network of clients. More than 150 people turned up at the first BLM conference.
Word spread and the BLM Annual Conference was born. Every year, it gets bigger and better. What we do is organise one great thought-provoking event after another, and people turn up in droves.

Why should you attend?

First it was 150, then 250, then 350-plus. That is just how many of Malta’s most influential business people gather at BLM’s Annual Conference traditionally held on a Friday in February.
The BLM Annual Conference registration book is a who’s who of the local business community – entrepreneurs, decision-makers, influencers, management professionals. People with a passion for doing business. It is an informal setting, with some networking and team-building fun thrown in for good measure.
This must-attend event is arguably the most highly anticipated networking event on Malta’s business calendar. We manage an extraordinary feat every year – we bring even the most elusive, hard-to-pin-down businesspeople together in the same space for five hours. That’s why we ensure there are ample networking opportunities in the conference programme, which means participants are able to make new contacts, exchange business cards, and discuss opportunities and ideas with peers or potential partners.


What’s different about a BLM conference?

BLM channels all the energy, enthusiasm and investment it can muster into every conference. Our goal is to hold a meaningful event that is as valuable as it is memorable.
We work relentlessly to line up speakers with inspiring stories, knowledge, and insightful learning experiences to share. The people who step onto our stage are experts, entrepreneurs and executives with remarkable careers. They bring pearls of wisdom and accounts of perseverance.
To round things off, we abide by our very own custom – a fun, team-building activity to bring everyone to work towards a goal. We’ve had chairmen drumming on empty water fountains, hundreds of stress balls flying across the venue into goalposts on the stage, and distributed Boom whackers to every single person in the room for a BLM Annual Conference rendition of the famous riff from Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. There’s lots of laughter and the music has been known to be a little loud!
We believe people will remember a BLM Annual Conference for the emotion it stirs and the value they take away with them – a thought, a new connection, a new possibility.


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