David JP Phillips

TEDx Speaker, Author, Master Storyteller and Communication Connoisseur

David JP Phillips stands as a luminary in the art of communication, weaving the fabric of storytelling into the heart of public speaking and self-leadership. With a background as diverse as his heritage, Phillips embodies a blend of English resilience and Swedish innovation – a synergy that resonates deeply with the “Mind the Gap” conference’s ethos of intergenerational connectivity. From his early days in Edsbyn, Sweden, David has been the quintessential maverick, charting a course distinct from the norm. His unique 4-step method of “Observe, Analyse, Apply, Document” has birthed world-class materials in communication, shunning conventional learning to craft original, transformative content. This method not only revolutionized his understanding of public speaking but also became his beacon through the tumultuous journey of entrepreneurship and personal growth. His remarkable trajectory from a tech-savvy support technician at Microsoft to the founder of a successful IT company by age 20, and later an esteemed e-learning director in London, showcases his versatility and relentless pursuit of excellence.


15 March 2024

Mind the Gap:
Connecting Generation XYZ

The Business Leaders Conference 2024
Mediterranean Conference Centre

A return to Sweden marked the inception of his training company, dedicated to mastering the craft of presenting – a course that now boasts the endorsement of global giants like Google and Microsoft. But David’s narrative took a profound turn when he confronted and overcame a lifelong battle with depression. This breakthrough catalyzed the creation of “WOW Life Mastery,” a program that delves into the mastery of internal communication – the cornerstone of his public speaking philosophy. Today, David JP Phillips is not merely a sought-after speaker but a beacon of hope and transformation. His book “High On Life” transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, set to reach over 2.5 billion people in 30 languages. At our conference, David will unravel the “Magical Science of Storytelling,” elucidating how it can bridge the gaps between generations in the workplace and beyond. Join us as David JP Phillips demonstrates the power of storytelling to forge understanding and unity, inspiring leaders and innovators across generational divides to construct narratives that propel us forward, together.

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