Dr Edward Curmi

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Philanthropic Innovator<
dr edward curmi

Dr Edward Curmi is a distinguished Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist whose expertise in mental health and psychotherapy has been a beacon of hope and healing in various clinical settings across Malta. A graduate of the University of Malta with a doctorate from the prestigious University of Padua, Italy, Dr. Curmi has honed his skills in a diverse array of psychotherapeutic techniques, including Gestalt therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), and Video Interactive Guidance (VIG).

With over a decade of experience, his professional journey has encompassed tenures at St. Luke’s Hospital, Mount Carmel Psychiatric Hospital, and Mater Dei Hospital, where his compassionate approach and clinical acumen have touched countless lives. Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Curmi’s commitment to enhancing well-being extends to the corridors of laughter and joy through his role as a co-founder and development coordinator of Dr. Klown, an NGO dedicated to providing laughter therapy to pediatric wards, reaffirming his belief in the healing power of humor.

His influence stretches into the realms of governance and education, having contributed significantly to various government boards and psycho-educational programs. His voice resonates not only in therapy rooms but also across the airwaves of radio and television, as well as on social media platforms, where he educates and engages on topics of psychological well-being.

Panel Speaker

15 March 2024

Mind the Gap:
Connecting Generation XYZ

The Business Leaders Conference 2024
Mediterranean Conference Centre

In private practice, Dr Curmi continues to guide individuals on their journey to mental and emotional health, blending his clinical expertise with a deep-rooted passion for fostering holistic wellness. As an author, his contributions to the field of self-help literature are encapsulated in his best-selling books “Common Sense” (2012) and “More Common Sense,” with all proceeds generously donated to the Richmond Foundation and Dr Klown, mirroring his altruistic spirit.

Moreover, Dr Curmi’s acumen transcends the clinical sphere, extending to the corporate world where he serves as a director for leading local companies, from event organisations to news media portals, showcasing his versatility and leadership.

At the “Mind the Gap” conference, Dr Edward Curmi will offer invaluable insights into the psychological dimensions of generational connectivity, exploring the intricate tapestry of the human psyche across ages. His expertise will illuminate the pathways to fostering an understanding of intergenerational dynamics, harnessing the power of psychological principles to bridge gaps within the workplace and society at large.

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