Jenk Oz

British Entrepreneur, Thred Media Visionary
jenk oz

At the vanguard of Generation Z, Jenk Oz stands as a paragon of social entrepreneurship and youthful dynamism. As the Founder & CEO of Thred Media, his enterprise breathes new life into the discourse on youth culture, leveraging the power of media for social transformation. Thred Media, under his stewardship, has become a beacon for Generation Z, championing youth-led movements with a global impact.

Jenk’s eloquence has graced the stage of over 85 international conferences, including the distinguished Model United Nations and the Oxford Global Summit for Young Leaders. His TEDx Talks – ‘Ideas Ink.’, ‘Breaking the Pattern’, and ‘Can a “Like” Change the World?’ – have resonated profoundly, addressing the pivotal role of Generation Z in shaping a sustainable future. He champions the causes of youth employment, entrepreneurship, and activism, inspiring his peers to cultivate their ideas for a positive planetary legacy.

Thred Media, curated by Jenk, is an award-winning hub, pulsating with over 4,000 articles that galvanise positive change, attracting an audience exceeding 100,000 monthly visitors from across the globe. His social media influence extends to a quarter-million followers, reflecting the reach and resonance of his vision. Collaborating with industry titans such as Ogilvy, Edelman, Lego, Universal Music, Microsoft, and Snapchat, Jenk brings a fresh perspective to venerable institutions.


15 March 2024

Mind the Gap:
Connecting Generation XYZ

The Business Leaders Conference 2024
Mediterranean Conference Centre

His voice echoes in the halls of the Google Z-Council and Microsoft’s ‘Young Entrepreneur’ team, evidencing his pivotal role in driving forward the entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation. Accolades have followed his trailblazing path, including recognition from the Diana Award, Great British Young Entrepreneur, and the prestigious ‘Progress 1000: Most Influential Person in Science and Tech’ by The Evening Standard. Jenk’s influence is further endorsed by his inclusion in the Tech London Advocates’ 25 Under 25 list and as a top voice in Start-Up magazine’s ‘Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch’.As a member of the Youth Council and various marketing boards, Jenk lends his voice to shaping the future through organisations such as Founders4School and Workfinder App. His ambassadorship extends to charitable causes that stand at the forefront of global citizenship, climate advocacy, and youth empowerment, including Global Citizen and Climate Science.

At the “Mind the Gap” conference, Jenk Oz will offer a window into the pulse of Generation Z, weaving a narrative that connects the tapestry of generations through the art of storytelling and innovation. His keynote will not only spotlight the potential of the youngest generation but will also serve as a clarion call for intergenerational collaboration in the relentless pursuit of progress.

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