Michael Cutajar

Metaverse Visionary and Architectural Virtuoso
michael cutajar

Michael Cutajar, affectionately known as MetaMike, stands at the vanguard of the metaverse revolution. As a pivotal figure at Metaverse Architects, one of the premier metaverse studios globally, he orchestrates the virtual frontier where technology coalesces with human ingenuity.In his capacity as Head of Sales and Partner, Michael has been instrumental in propelling high-profile ventures into the metaverse, collaborating with luminaries like Forever 21, Sygnum Bank, and the iconic Snoop Dogg. His dual expertise in real estate and technology forges the bedrock of his success, allowing him to cultivate immersive realms that engage and captivate.

Michael’s previous engagement at the TMRW Conference marked a seminal moment in his career, where he not only shared the stage with industry stalwarts but also honed a network of influential connections. His ascent to the speaker’s podium has been nothing short of meteoric, with his insights and foresights gracing myriad stages over the past two years—a testament to his prowess and thought leadership.


15 March 2024

Mind the Gap:
Connecting Generation XYZ

The Business Leaders Conference 2024
Mediterranean Conference Centre

At the “Mind the Gap” conference, MetaMike will unravel the tapestry of metaverse development, elucidating how it is bridging the digital divide between generations. His presentation, “Building the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Metaverse Architecture and Development,” will illuminate the path for businesses and individuals alike, demystifying the art and science of creating virtual experiences that transcend generational boundaries.

Armed with a passion that parallels his expertise, Michael is dedicated to charting a course where technological evolution and societal progress converge. His forthcoming session promises to be an enlightening expedition into the metaverse, furnishing attendees with the acumen to navigate and thrive in this burgeoning domain.

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