Neil Agius

World Record Open Water Swimmer and Inspirational Mentor
neil agius

Neil Agius is a name that has become synonymous with relentless endurance and the human spirit’s indefatigable will. From the crystalline waters of his swimming academy, where he has been nurturing the dreams of aspiring swimmers since 2007, Neil has taken the plunge into the world of ultra-distance open water swimming, pushing the boundaries of what is physically and mentally conceivable. Neil’s odyssey into the vastness of open waters began with a daunting 70km circumnavigation of Malta in 2018, an unassisted swim that lasted an astonishing 22 hours. This marked the emergence of Neil Agius, the ultra-distance athlete, whose appetite for formidable distances and world records has only intensified.

In 2019, he conquered the 37km stretch around Gozo in 10 hours. The year 2020 witnessed his 101km swim from Sicily to Malta, completed in 28 hours. Yet, it was in 2021 that Neil undertook his most colossal challenge and clinched his first world record, a 125km swim from Linosa, Italy, to Malta, completed in a monumental 52 hours. Amidst the thrashing waves, the chill of night, and the perils that lurk beneath, cheered on by his fiancée and a dedicated 24-member support crew, Neil emerged on the shores of Malta not only as a conqueror of distances but also as a testament to human resilience.


15 March 2024

Mind the Gap:
Connecting Generation XYZ

The Business Leaders Conference 2024
Mediterranean Conference Centre

His swims are a dance with danger, a deliberate pursuit of the extraordinary, as he faces nature’s raw forces, braves the stings of jellyfish, and the lurking shadows of ocean predators.

For Neil, these exploits are not merely a test of physical endurance but a profound journey into self-growth and spirituality. His preparation transcends physical training; at the core of his pursuits lies a deep-rooted spirituality and a commitment to personal development that empowers him to transcend the ordinary, to reach beyond the limits, and to inspire others to discover their own untapped potential.

At the “Mind the Gap” conference, Neil Agius will share his compelling narrative, elucidating how the principles that have propelled him through the most treacherous waters can inspire cross-generational leadership, foster determination in the face of adversity, and catalyse a transformative mindset. Join us as Neil delves into the depths of his experiences, offering a beacon of inspiration for navigating the uncharted waters of life and career with courage, conviction, and an unwavering belief in the possible.

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