BLM Employee Research

What do your employees really think?

BLM Employee Research is an online employee study that aims to unveil how human resources, policies and strategies are perceived by your employees. This product is designed to identify the factors that keep your employees motivated and which aspects in their work environment are keeping them from reaching their full potential. Information gathered from this survey can be used to strengthen employee loyalty and drive more productivity.

Your employees fill in a carefully designed survey accessible online. By answering issue-specific questions in various categories, staff members rate their employer on leadership effectiveness, communication and team cohesiveness, training and development, reward and recognition, corporate culture, performance orientation, and employee wellbeing. Employee research is commonly used to analyse employee satisfaction, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and brand sentiment.

The entire process, from data collection to analysis and reporting, is anonymous and confidential. BLM Employee Research involves custom-made data processing software. Clients are provided with live updates on response rate performance and receive a report with average scores and statistically significant tests for each question answered by their staff members.

The survey explores 9 domains that represent the core aspects of an organisation’s human capital management structure and benchmarks the results across different industries in the local market. The benchmark report clusters organisations in categories defined by company size.  The highest scoring organisation in each category are rewarded with a Business Leaders Malta Award and BLM's Employer of Choice Certificate.

The Employer of Choice certificate is also awarded to employers with an equally outstanding performance. The certificate recognises top performing companies for their outstanding employee experience and amazing work culture and is awarded to companies who meet a very strict benchmark criteria. This means that only those employers who get a high employee engagement, satisfaction and response rate score in the survey qualify for it. 

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BLM Awards past winners


Employee's Voice Awards winners: 

Up to 59 Employees: Game Lounge
60-149: Employees: Expedition42
150+ Employees: AMSM

Employer of Choice certificate awardees: 

Catena Media
The Atrium
Kafe Rocks


Employee's Voice Awards winners: 

Up to 149 Employees: Dunder Gaming
150+ Employees: Catena Media

Employer of Choice certificate awardees: 

Dunder Gaming
Catena Media
Atlas Insurance
Malta Gaming Authority


Up to 149 Employees: Smart Technologies Ltd
150+ Employees: Malta Gaming Authority


Up to 99 Employees: Brown's Pharma Ltd
100+ Employees: Atlas Group


Up to 59 Employees: Atlas
60 to 149 Employees: Nectar
150+ Employees: Novartis


Up to 59 Employees: Microsoft
60 to 149 Employees: Browns Pharma
150+ Employees: Unibet


Up to 59 Employees: Microsoft
60 to 149 Employees: Browns Pharma
150+ Employees: Arkadia Limited


Up to 59 Employees: Browns Pharma
60 to 149 Employees: Cardinal Health
150+ Employees: Unibet


Smart Technologies
Cardinal Health


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