Marketing Research

The knowledge you need to grow your business.

No matter how unique or effective you believe your product or service offering to be, the next best thing could be right around the corner – and it could be your competition who is dishing it out to your customers.

Market research is the best way to dig deeper and uncover the truly powerful information that drives your customers to choose one brand over another, through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Market research is the act of gathering data from a group of individuals of the general public, analysing and generalising this information to understand how your customers or potential customers would react.

Through our market research arm, Esprimi, we have the resources and the tools to help you find out exactly what you need to know, be it the opinions, trends, needs and perceptions of your existing customers and potential customers, so that you can shape your business for future growth based on actual research findings.

Esprimi is an innovative market research company in Malta which specialises in online surveys and traditional market research solutions such as telephone surveys, face-to-face surveys and mystery shopping. We also have our very own online community - Esprimi Community.


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