Alison Grech

HR Manager at BNF Bank

Alison is a strong believer in continuous learning, growth and development and is passionate about assisting people in achieving their goals. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Private and Public Management and a Masters in Psychology of Work from the University of Leicester. She also read for a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring and is a PRISM practitioner. Following her degree, she joined MISCO and launched herself in recruitment whilst also having the opportunity to deliver training and participate in an outsourcing programme. She then joined Konnekt at its inception, supporting with its growth. With a focus on recruitment, she assisted clients operating in different industries and candidates from all walks of life in various roles and positions, seeing to their requirements and investing in the long-term relationship. Alison currently holds the role of Head of Unit – HR within The Banking Institution BNF.

Position: HR Manager at BNF Bank
2010 Selection To Perfection