Selection To Perfection

Selection To Perfection was the very first conference was initiated with the alliance between three diverse companies, Mdina International, Jugs Malta and Konnekt.

The Beginning

Business Leaders Malta started life as an alliance between three diverse companies in 2009 – Mdina International, Jugs Malta and KONNEKT. We fused our capabilities, experience, professionalism and creativity to pursue our original goal of creating a forum where thought leaders and professionals could come together to share knowledge and ideas. We are in the business of providing solutions and services tailored to meet the most advanced requirements of ambitious organisations of all sizes.

Our most defining differentiator is our diversity. BLM’s founders couldn’t be more different – chalk, chocolate and cheese.


Founder & Chairman of Mdina Partners
HR Manager at BNF Bank
Director of BLM, Jugs, Vibe FM & YoYo Kids Malta
CEO at Expedition42
Director at H20 Development Ltd