Our vision is to act as a focal point for the business community

The Business Leaders Conference registration book is a who’s who of the local business community – entrepreneurs, decision-makers, influencers, management professionals… People with a passion for doing business. We provide an informal setting, with some networking and team-building fun thrown in for good measure.


We are a collective of brands driven by a shared goal

At our core, we are a collective of brands who are deeply committed to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the business world. Our ecosystem encompasses five distinguished entities: Business Leaders Malta, Central Mediterranean Business School, Esprimi, Mdina Partners and Jugs. We specialise in conference management, event planning, team building, business consultancy, education, corporate training, market research and data science.

Through our brands, we have revolutionised entire industries, empowered hundreds to become better leaders and helped thousands drive better business results, whether it be through our revolutionary education and training models or our innovative data solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to act as a focal point for the business community, using our deep connections to identify emerging trends and adapt quickly to the upcoming changes.

Our Purpose

We strive to be the go-to resource for ambitious companies navigating dynamic business landscapes. We enhance financial performance and foster a competitive edge.

Our Values

We live and breathe excellence, integrity, creativity and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. We believe these values are crucial to making a positive impact on the world.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem encompasses five distinguished brands.


BLM started life as an alliance between three diverse companies in 2009 — Mdina Partners, Jugs Malta and Konnekt — to create a forum where thought leaders and professionals could come together to share knowledge and ideas. BLM’s vision is to act as a focal point for the business community.


CMBS provides professionals with unparalleled opportunities to increase their awareness of industry issues, learn the skills necessary to handle today’s changes and discover their potential through relevant cutting-edge, industry-driven, and globally-recognised qualifications.


Esprimi is a leading market research company specialising in data solutions. Esprimi’s aim is to support companies reach their business and marketing objectives through the use of clear and comprehensive research data that can be easily integrated into the development of strategies.

Mdina Partners

Mdina Partners works with ambitious companies to help them build able and capable teams and enable real step changes in their organisation by developing high-powered talent that is motivated to achieve common goals through a wide range of training programmes and HR consultancy solutions.


Jugs is one of Malta’s leading team building, conferences and corporate events organisers and is a trusted partner for some of the island’s biggest brands. JUGS has been behind some of the most impressive events and conferences on the island, offering a whole array of services.

For leaders, by leaders

We are a group of entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors and industry leaders with a passion for driving business innovation.

Founder & Chairman of Mdina Partners
CEO of CMBS, BLM & Esprimi
Director of BLM, Jugs, Vibe FM & YoYo Kids Malta
Director of Jugs Malta
CEO of Mdina Partners
CEO at Expedition42