John De Giorgio

Founder and CEO of Shireburn Software Ltd.

John de Giorgio is the founder and CEO of Shireburn Software Ltd. Having established the company in 1983 as the first IT training company locally, Shireburn then focused on development of software products for businesses. Today, thousands of companies rely on Shireburn’s products. John has successfully guided the company through various technology cycles, something which is notoriously difficult to do in the Information Technology industry. John is entrepreneurial in nature and under his leadership, Shireburn has twice developed and globally marketed niche software products that are still a world first, the most recent in the airport retail market. The company enjoys a client base across more than 40 countries. John received his education at Stonyhurst College in the UK and at University College London before returning to Malta for what was meant to have been a summer job prior to joining a major international IT company.

Position: Founder and CEO of Shireburn Software Ltd.
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