Morgan Parnis

Entrepreneur, CEO of Central Mediterranean Business School, Business Leaders Malta and Esprimi, Business Partner at Mdina Partners and Co-Founder at 3CMalta, LobesLab and EduAlliance

Morgan Parnis is the CEO of Business Leaders (Malta) Ltd, a company with several ventures, including Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS), which focuses on higher education, and Esprimi, a research company in Malta specialising in market and media research solutions. Morgan is also the chairperson of LobesLab, a company that focuses on business intelligence software development solutions and a business partner of Mdina Partners, where he is involved in business incubation programmes and new ventures such as 3CMalta and EduAlliance. He has been an integral part of the BLM conferences since 2014.

Position: CEO of CMBS, BLM & Esprimi
2014 Growth+
2015 Exceed the Speed
2016 Knowledge is Everything
2017 The Resilient Leader
2018 Breaking The Rules
2019 Breakthrough