Steve Tarr

Founder & Chairman of Mdina Partners, Chairman of Vivendo Group, Chairmen of Business Leaders Malta and Chairmann of C & H Bartoli Ltd

Steve Tarr is the founder and chairman of Mdina Partners. Founded in 1980, Mdina was established with the aim of providing bespoke training and people development for the business community in Malta. Since its conception, Mdina has grown and is now recognised as being the principal people development consultancy in Malta and has grown to include offices in Germany and the UK. Steve is a certified Management Consultant who has over 30 years’ experience in the field of people development and management consultancy. He has been involved in major business projects that have included cultural change, mergers and acquisitions. Steve is also chairman of Hili Ventures Group and sits on a number of other company boards in the UK, Malta and Germany.

Position: Founder & Chairman of Mdina Partners
2010 Selection To Perfection