Theresa Bartolo Parnis

Co-Partner of Monsoon and Accessorize - MT

Theresa Bartolo Parnis has thirty years’ experience in the retail business. In 1995, she and her business partner acquired the franchise for internationally renowned brands Monsoon and Accessorize in Malta and Gozo. Today, the company owns and runs five branches which are located in all the country’s main retail’s destinations. The Company’s has always had the philosophy that you are only as good as the people you employ, who deal with the customer on a daily basis, so recruiting an excellent team who are then trained to give the customer personal and individual attention has always been a priority. The Monsoon – Accessorize family now numbers over 75, with many staff members having worked for the business for a number of years.

Position: Co-Partner of Monsoon and Accessorize - MT
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